Algo habrá que hacer

Algo habrá que hacer

conception and direction Luis García and Pere Joseph Losinformalls

19 and 20/01/24

Show completed



Running time

30' approx.


Sala Fabià Puigserver. Hall


In Spanish



Show included on


Iconoclast proposal in progress of Losinformalls, a company formed in 2013 that skips the rules to stroke of humor and has already begun its journey through the European scene. To warm up in the second week of Katharsis.

'Something will have to be done', but there are many ideas and not all of them enter: some alive and some dead, some good and others not so much. Chaos, noise, barricades, Gregorian chants, decisions that point and had many likes. You with me or me against you? A moment, please! Stop! Something will have to be said or something will have to dance, but do we dance with 'd' or do we go fance with 'f'?

In the middle of the process of his second production, Algo habrá que hacer is born as a raw and poetic performance space where Losinformalls reveal fragments of his artistic exploration. An intangible place where the concrete is intertwined with the uncertain, provoking a general state of doubt and challenge to the scenic event. Will we be free in the Lliure?


Luis García

Pere Joseph


Pau Estrem


El Graner centre de creació, L'Animal a l'esquena & Danseu Festival

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